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SARS OUTBREAK 2003: News Coverage & Resources

HRONOLOGICAL listing of articles/resources, presented in descending order:
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The World Health Organization (WHO) issues a global health alert, the first in a decade, regarding an unusual strain of killer pneumonia that spreads from Asia across the globe via air travel. Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS)—a mutated virus belonging to the coronaviruses family, the second leading cause of the common cold—kills more than 610 people and infects thousands of others across the globe. WHO experts suspect the first case of SARS may have appeared November 2002 in China's southern Guangdong province where 305 people became ill and 5 died.

See: Spread of SARS | Country Breakdown

Taiwan Health Chief Quits Over Rapid SARS Spread
WHO Says Singapore Nearly SARS-Free
China Suspends Foreign Adoptions Due to SARS
WHO cites progress in containing SARS
China Threatens to Execute SARS-Spreaders
China Threatens Death in SARS Battle; Fear in Taiwan
Death for SARS spreaders: China
Taiwan SARS Cases Jump, Fear of Worse to Come
SARS Kills Seven, Infects Five in Hong Kong
Canada, Singapore Get Good News from WHO

Tests Confirm Coronavirus Is SARS Source
SARS shuts Taiwan emergency room
SARS Spreads to Taiwan's South, Hospital Hit
New SARS Outbreaks Feared in Taiwan, Singapore
SARS figures offer China hope
Study Finds Possible Route to SARS Drug
China's SARS Epidemic Not Fading Yet, WHO Says
Cold-Fighting Drug May Be Used Against SARS
Beijing: SARS 'under control'
Nigeria reports first SARS death
China SARS Cases Stabilize, WHO Urges Caution
SARS Could Mutate in Different Populations: Expert
China SARS numbers pass 5,000
Record SARS rise for Taiwan
China Pledges All Resources to Fight SARS
China Reports 69 New SARS Cases, Five More Deaths
China Detains Nine for Leading Violent SARS Riots
WHO Says Needs More SARS Data from China
China's Rural Folk Target SARS; Canada Isolates 30
China Reports 85 New SARS Cases, Five More Deaths
HK Reports 2 New SARS Deaths, 7 More Infected
SARS-Hit China Orders Rural Hospitals to Get Ready
WHO: Some SARS data unavailable in Beijing
Taiwan hit hard by SARS
80 Freed from SARS Quarantine in Russian Hotel
SARS Fears Prompt Violence, New Measures
WHO Takes SARS Probe Into China Countryside
WHO Extends Travel Warnings; SARS Toll Over 500
China Punishes 120 Officials Over SARS - Xinhua
WHO: SARS more deadly than first thought
China Rounds Up 64 for Rioting Over SARS
China Warns of SARS Spreading to Countryside
China's SARS fight goes rural
WHO team heads to SARS-gripped Chinese province
SARS Death Rate in Over-60s Estimated at Up to 55
Taiwan Hopes SARS Will Be Under Control by End-May
Singapore: 10 Days Needed to Say SARS Controlled
Roche Says Will Have SARS Test Ready in June
Hong Kong Reports 11 More SARS Deaths,
8 New Cases

SARS Measures Praised, Worst Not Over for China
SARS Yet to Peak in China; Patrols Out in Beijing
China: SARS battle remains 'grave'
China Villagers Riot Over SARS, WHO Renews Warning
Swiss Firm Starts Research Into SARS Vaccine
Taiwan Says WHO Membership Vital to SARS Battle
SARS Rioting Hits China; Outbreak Worsens in Taiwan
China hospitals battle SARS
New Facts Show SARS a Long-Lived Virus
Germany Donates Equipment to Battle SARS in China
Six Gulf States Mull Travel Ban on SARS-Hit States
China Keeps Schools Shut; WHO Visits Taiwan
SARS Ship in HK; China Keeps Schools Shut
More Die of SARS; New Cases Down in HK, Singapore
Hong Kong breathes easier on SARS news
SARS Virus in Hong Kong Seen Mutating Rapidly
Beijing Sees SARS Peaking, Rural China a Worry
Beijing official optimistic SARS has hit 'plateau'
Toronto Reports Two More Nurses with SARS
WHO Says India SARS Free
SARS Here to Stay, Experts Say; Canada Toll Rises
SARs Battle Stifles China's May Day
SARS Rampant in Beijing; Experts Meet in Canada
SARS death rate rising
China Battles SARS Panic; WHO Lifts Toronto Warning
Nearly 10,000 Quarantined in SARS-Panicked Beijing
Beijing faces critical week for SARS
WHO Lifts SARS Warning on Travel to Toronto
Drugmakers Working Together on SARS Vaccine:

China Announces New SARS Deaths, Asian
Leaders Meet

Asian Leaders Meet to Fight SARS Threat
U.S. health officials urge SARS vigilance
Canada to Tighten Airport Screening, Face the WHO
SARS Peaks in Some Hot Spots, but on Rise in China
SARS fight not over in China
WHO Says Beijing SARS Data Still Insufficient
Taiwan, China Step Up Measures to Contain SARS
Taiwan Bans Visitors from SARS Hot Spots
South Asian Countries Plan Emergency SARS Meeting
Beijing closes public places over SARS
Cruise lines step up SARS screening
Asian officials agree on SARS plan
Asia Seeks Screening as WHO Reconsiders Toronto
Singapore Fights SARS as Death Toll Rises
Asian Ministers Opt for SARS Checks to Halt Virus
Toronto Woos Tourists Despite Rising SARS Toll
Canada: WHO to review advisory
Toronto Health Workers Feel Strain of SARS
Sudan Refuses Entry to 72 Chinese Amid SARS Fears
Sealed Hospital's Staff Moved to Taiwan Barracks
SARS Deaths in Philippines, Asia Health Chiefs Meet
Mass SARS quarantine in Beijing
More Anger Than Panic About SARS in Toronto
WHO Says Not Lifting SARS Toronto Travel Warning
Britain Bans SARS Blood Donations
China Seals Hospital Over SARS, Canada Mad at WHO
SARS: Beijing hospital sealed off
Canada Rejects WHO Travel Warning, Death Toll at 16
China: SARS cases soaring
Beijing to Quarantine SARS Victims-Xinhua
Beijing Alarmed as SARS Numbers Leap
Bioterror Plans Could Be Used to Fight SARS
Don't Panic About SARS, UK Doctors Say
Beijing Alarmed as SARS Numbers Leap
WHO Warns Against Travel to Beijing, Shanxi, Toronto
WHO increases SARS travel warnings
Virus mutations add to SARS puzzle
Sea of White Masks as People Flee SARS-Hit Beijing
China Closes Schools Over SARS, Economy to Shrink
Canada SARS Death Toll Rises to 15 People
SARS Toll Mounts but Officials Hope for Control
China, HK Report More SARS Deaths, Infections
China Warns Against Travel Amid SARS Fears
China issues SARS travel appeal
China Has Chance to Limit SARS, WHO Official Says
French PM to Visit China on High Alert for SARS
UK Classified as SARS-Affected Area
China Reports Another Big Jump in SARS Cases
Worry Mounts Over SARS Spread in China's Provinces
WHO Says Beijing SARS Count Could Rise by 200
China facing big SARS spread - WHO
SARS Has Stabilized in HK but to Linger: Tung
Singapore quarantines 2,500 over SARS fears
Canada Alerts Commuters of Possible SARS Infection
Chinese Media Slam Sacked Officials as SARS Surges
Beijing Residents Hunker Down for SARS Siege
China Reports Spike in SARS, Fires Senior Officials
Beijing SARS Cases Leap, China Scraps Golden Week
China Sharply Raises Its SARS Infections, Deaths
Canadian SARS death toll rises
Hong Kong Posts Record Jump in SARS Deaths
Hong Kong SARS deaths reach new high
SARS Threatens to Be Singapore's Worst Crisis - PM
Vietnam May Shut China Land Border on SARS Fears
China Intensifies SARS War with Threats
China Vows Transparent War on SARS Virus
U.S. Reclassifies SARS Cases, Number Drops
CDC: 35 probable SARS cases in U.S.
China hid SARS patients - report
Toilets blamed for SARS' spread
Singapore Cuts Growth Outlook as SARS Hits
China Fights SARS Charges, HK Has Four More Deaths
Indian Lab Reports First Finding of SARS Virus
India reports first case of SARS
Hopes rise as SARS bug identified
Spread of SARS Chills Canada's Easter Services
China Let SARS Death Toll Climb-U.S. Official
Who Says China SARS Cases Could Be Much Higher
Singapore Deploys New Weaponry in SARS Battle
WHO Visits China Military Hospitals in SARS War
HK Scientists Detect Signs of Deadlier Form of SARS
Ontario Struggles with New SARS Cases
Asia Hustles to Roll Out Fast New Tests for SARS
U.S. Health Workers Seek Better SARS Protection
SARS may be here to stay: WHO
Scientists confirm earlier find on SARS
Hong Kong SARS Deaths Leap, China Cracks Down
Quick Work Could Help Contain SARS, Experts Say
SARS Hits Religious Group in Toronto
Nine dead in HK's worst SARS day
Hong Kong Ravaged by SARS; Economic Toll Rises
Japan SARS-Free Thanks to Luck...And Hand-Washing
Hong Kong Ravaged by SARS Virus; Hopes on Vaccine
HK Won't Rule Out Seeking China's Help Against SARS
Canada Lab's SARS Gene May Speed Vaccine
Alarm after SARS strikes 'healthy'
Jump in SARS Deaths; Airline Fears for Future
Malaysia Lifts Ban on Travelers from SARS Areas
SARS Spreads to China's Remote Inner Mongolia
HK Reports 49 New Cases of Virus, 3 More Dead
SARS spreads to Africa
U.S. Hospitals Brace for SARS as Cases Inch Up
SARS Quarantines Expand, 61 New Cases in HK
Evidence Shows Children May Escape Worst of SARS
Countries Tighten Measures to Fend Off SARS
Scientists Identify Virus Behind Deadly SARS
Hong Kong Health System on Brink as SARS Spreads
Asia Clamps Down as Deadly SARS Spreads
Ontario Shuts Schools, Company to Stop SARS Spread
Hong Kong's Healthcare System Overwhelmed

Malaysia Bars China Tourists to Curb SARS Spread
First African SARS case suspected
SARS Forces Catholics to Halt Confessions
Study: Test May Determine Likely Fatal SARS Cases
China Still Covering Up SARS, Doctors Say
Virus Spreads in HK; Singapore Battles Outbreaks
Evidence Mounts in Search for SARS Virus
SARS toll tops 100
Singapore calls military for SARS
All Stops Out to Stop Deadly New Virus
Two More Die in Singapore from SARS
WHO Sees SARS Slowing but New Cases Reported
HK Hospitals Brace for the Worst as SARS Spreads
HK braces as global toll mounts
Killer Bug Spreads as Experts Hunt Clues to Origin
HK Reports 42 New Cases of Virus, 2 More Dead
Canada Reports Eighth Death from SARS Virus
Hong Kong Reels as Virus Cases, Deaths Rise
Virus Toll Rises as Singapore Woman Dies
Governments Use Controls to Stop Mystery Virus
Bush Order Allows Quarantine of SARS Cases
More SARS cases reported in US
HK Police Launch Virus Manhunt as Infections Grow
Hong Kong Battles Fresh Outbreak of Virus
When China Coughs, the World Sneezes: Tourism Hit
Australia Isolates Three Canadian Children for SARS
SARS Hurts Toronto Tourism, but City Said Safe
First SARS case baffles experts
SARS in China 'linked to STD'
WHO Reaches Virus Epicenter as Cases Grow
WHO reaches virus epicenter
Brazil Reports First Suspected Case of Deadly Flu
Worry spreads about mystery illness
WHO Warns Travelers to Avoid HK, Parts of China
China Raises SARS Virus Death Toll, Infections
SARS toll climbs in HK
Malaysia Awaits Post Mortem on Suspected SARS

Thailand Reports Second SARS Death
SARS toll climbs in HK
HK Probes Virus Spread, Cases Soar in Canada
Australia Reports First Case of Killer Virus
HK Seals Off Apartment Building as Virus Spreads
CNN Special Report: The spread of SARS
Fears Grow as Hong Kong Reports Jump in Virus Cases
WHO Doctor Dies of Killer Virus; Infections Rise
More Deadly Pneumonia Cases in Hong Kong
Asia on Edge as Killer Pneumonia Spreads
Ontario declares emergency to fight spread of SARS
China Pneumonia Toll Jumps, Singapore Shuts Schools
China says 34 killed by virus
Hong Kong Rules Out Tough Action as Virus Spreads
Four More Die from Mystery Pneumonia in Asia
Scientists Make Progress Against Mystery Pneumonia
Virus Behind Mystery Killer Pneumonia Identified
Efforts Mount to Contain, Identify Deadly Pneumonia
Cases of Killer Pneumonia Spread Around the World
Heightened Alert as Killer Bug Cases Rise
Global Alert as WHO Warns of Killer Pneumonia
. . . . . . . . . .

Sources: BBC News, Centers for Disease Control, CNN, ReliefWeb, Reuters, World Health Organization

Additional resources:
Hong Kong Department of Health
Singapore Ministry of Health
Health Canada
Genome Sciences Centre (Canadian)
GSC: SARS-associated Coronavirus (Canadian)

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